How to Submit Your Script or Idea

Do you have a screenplay you’re been working on for years? Or maybe a hilarious idea that you just know is the next great sitcom of this generation…? We’d love to see if your story is a good fit for a future product at Savory Media Group. If you have something you’d like to submit, here is what you need to know:

We will accept script submissions for movies and TV pilots, and while we do not require that you have an agent, we are only interested in well developed stories and plots. All movie scripts must be properly formatted, accompanied by a one page treatment (title, logline, synopsis, and your contact information), and a signed Submission Release (available here). TV pilots should also include a list of major characters with a short bio for each, and a season arc and series arc.

All submissions must be via mail - no walk-in submissions or electronic submissions will be accepted. Do not call to check on the “status” of your submission. Your story may be functionally identical to 25 we’ve already heard, or may be similar to something we already have in development. Most submissions will receive no reply. However, if your idea is new, fresh, unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, and something we’re positive we’re interested in, we may contact you for additional information.

Any and all submissions without a signed Submission Release will be disposed of immediately.

Please submit your screenplay or TV pilot to:

Savory Media Group
Script Submissions
4392 Round Lake Road W
Arden Hills, MN 55112