Do We Really Need Another...

Someone recently asked me, “Why do you want to start a film company? Do we really need another film company…?” That’s a great question. With a couple thousand film companies in the US (literally), do we really need one more? What is Savory Media Group going to do that is unique enough to bother?

We started Savory Media Group to fill a gap in media production - we want to create quality content that viewers can watch with their parents and/or children without apologizing for the adult themes and content.  Does that mean we’re not going to create content for adults?  No, just the opposite – we’re going to make the majority of our shows for adults.  We firmly believe it is time for a comedy that is really funny without focusing on sex.  We’re confident there is an audience for a spy movie where the leading lady keeps most of her clothes on.  We believe a certain amount of restraint drives a fuller, richer, and more creative story, and that is the kind of story we want to tell.

So yes, we’ll bring you stories that adults will want to watch – stories that will make you laugh, make you cry, make you think, and stories that will enrich your life along the way.  We’re already working on several of those stories right now: shows about espionage, spies, kidnappings, and pirates. We’re writing a western, and a TV sitcom that we believe could be the best new comedy in a decade or more.  Even a documentary that will likely change the political landscape on a major topic.  

Our goal is to create a wide variety of media, to make movies and TV shows that make you think, that challenge your views, and that make you excited to see the next episode.  We’re excited to create media that never causes you to scramble for the remote when your kids walk in the room.  Because media really can be compelling, exceptional AND decent all at the same time.

Keith Eveland
Chairman and CEO
Savory Media Group