Savory Media Group exists to seek out, produce and distribute exceptional and compelling visual media that enriches viewers and adds value to their lives.

Our Lead Team


Keith Eveland

Keith serves as the Chairman and CEO of Savory Media Group. He has worked his entire career in media, beginning in live sound and audio production, and expanding into radio, video and film production.

Keith spent several years leading the radio department at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, where he directed a team in producing a daily national radio program which played on nearly 500 stations. He also oversaw the production of a weekly international program which played around the world in five languages. And Keith was responsible for overseeing the distribution and airtime purchases for both of these programs.

In 2005 Keith started a video company in his basement which has grown into Slate and Main, a video and film company in Minneapolis/St Paul, Minnesota. Keith still leads that team, serving as the lead Producer and managing the business. He produced and co-directed the 2018 documentary Heart of Shepherd, the Extraordinary Life of Harold E. Salem.


Mark Seignious

Mark joins the Savory Media Group as Chief Creative Officer. He spent 20 years working in radio in the San Diego, Seattle, Sacramento and Minneapolis-St. Paul markets. He developed extensive on-air, production, promotion, and marketing experience and has been honored by the Minnesota Broadcasters Association, Seattle Broadcasters Association, Country Music Association, Communicator Awards, and the National Association of Broadcasters/BEA.

In 2001, he joined the faculty at the University of Northwestern- St. Paul and currently serves as an Associate Professor of Media Production. Since 2005, he also has worked as a writer/producer for Slate and Main. He co-directed, wrote and edited the 2018 documentary- Heart of Shepherd, the Extraordinary Life of Harold E. Salem.

Mark earned a B.S. in Radio-TV-Film from San Diego State University and a M.A. in TV-Radio-Film at Regent University.


Jake LeVoir

Jake is the Chief Financial Officer at Savory Media Group. He began his career in media by starting Slate, a video company in Minneapolis. Along with his business partner, they developed Slate into a creative marketing company which grew quickly, and caught the eye of the leadership at Main Point Media. The two soon combined as Slate and Main, where Jake serves as Director of Sales, leading efforts to maintain and develop relationships with customers and potential clients.

Jake earned a B.S. in Digital Advertising with a minor in Marketing, and attended the Los Angeles Film Studies Center to study film production. Along with his sales leadership, he also works as a producer on larger commercial and documentary projects.

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